charity storage fresno

Empire Storage is proud to help raise funds for worthy causes.  Anyone -- tenants and non-tenants – may donate items to help people who need your generosity.  We place any contributed items into our donated charity storage unit, and once enough goods and belongings have been received, we auction them for sale on  All auction proceeds go to which donates more than 90% of the auction proceeds to qualifying 501(c)(3) charitable organizations ( retains less than 10% to cover its administrative costs).  A wide variety of charitable groups receive funding from this wonderful program, including donations for cancer and other medical research, at-risk youth and needy elderly residents, military veterans, education, and art and cultural programs.  

We encourage you to help those in need by donating your unused items and receive a tax-deductible receipt from right then and there!

Below are some frequently asked questions about the program.


Where do I take the items?

The process is simple. Both tenants and non-tenants bring the items to our staff to make sure they are suitable for donation. Once approved, a staff member will show you to our donated charitable unit. You simply place the item inside the unit and we will give you a tax-deductible receipt from

What items can’t I donate?

Our goal is to raise as much as possible for charity, so we accept only those items that people may wish to buy at auction. We do not accept items that are unlawful to possess, unsafe to store, are not in working condition, or are not suitable for auction. Examples of items we are not able to accept include mattresses, old tires, weapons, food and anything that is not in working condition among others. If you have any questions whether something is suitable for a charity auction, please visit our Office or give us a call at 559-277-5250!

How are the items auctioned off?

All of Empire’s auctions -- including both charity auctions and lien auctions -- are conducted on It is super easy and convenient to use! You may view the auction items online prior to bidding, place a bid from the comfort of your home, be notified if you are outbid, and more.

Who is able to donate? 

Anyone! Let’s raise as much money as we can for charity!

Am I able to bid on the unit?

Yes! Simply make an account on and you will be able to bid. If you have any other questions or wish to donate, please do not hesitate to stop by our office, send us an e-mail or give us a call us at 559-277-5250!